Hi and Welcome!
I’m Kim. I love to create. I love design. I love nature. I’m passionate about finding inspiration in the world around me. I own my own business, rooted in my passions, and I don’t ever want a job again.

I created Joyful Roots in the hopes of joining like-minded people on a quest to magnify our sense of joy as we explore beautiful design, work-life fulfillment, and the cultivation of a brighter world.

I’m inviting you to forge a path of inspiration from the footsteps of your happy heart by sharing your creations, ideas, thoughts, advice, and joys.

Together, let’s build a place for people like us: the dreamers, the doers, the happiness disseminators, the design dilettantes, the small business owners and the bliss followers! Are you one of those?

Drops of Joy, Raindrop

Here are three places to start giving yourself a dose of joy today:
Ready to explore what makes your soul sing? Take a look at the Cultivating Joy Manifesto. Let’s make this a living, breathing, changing document based on feedback from all of you, so please share your additions and suggestions in the comments. I will make changes to the manifesto periodically.
Stop by to take a look at The Joy Cycle, an analogy I created about how the process of joy relates to a life cycle. Nature offers so much wonderful inspiration! Click on over and think about what stage are you are at in the cycle.
If you are looking for inspiration, check out the Garden of Joy, a compilation of resources for building more joy and strength into your business and life. This list will also grow with time, so check back periodically and feel free to add suggestions in the comments.
Thanks for stopping by and feel free to introduce yourself in the comments below. Stay tuned for more great content, including an introduction to the program that was priceless to me when starting this site, thoughts from other joy cultivators about how they found joy through their life’s calling, and more inspiration!

Make sure to stop by on Thursday because I have a BIG giveaway for those of you who are just starting your business or want to freshen up your business’s look.

See you round!


P.S. You may notice that there are some old posts floating around. I transferred some of the most valuable content from my old site because I thought it may be useful to some of you here. So feel free to look around!