It’s Amazing how many things in life can relate to nature. Throughout this site, you will often see concepts and ideas spun from elements found in nature. After all, our name is Joyful Roots!

You can think about your relationship with joy as a lifecycle that evolves with time. What’s more, it is continuous, flowing, and contagious. Yes, you can pass it on from one person to the next. See what I mean below.


The cycle goes like this:
Seeds of Joy are the ideas, inspiration, thoughts, and conversations – anything and everything that resonates with the core of who you are. They are precious and to be savored. They are the foundation upon which your joy is built and they are unique to you. They become a part of who you are and they grow into something beautiful.
As something or someone sparks the joy within you and the seeds are planted…Joy grows. A little Joyling emerges. You know you have more joy just waiting to grow, but you might not know how to let it flourish. You might be testing the waters of following your life’s purpose- your passion- and maybe even contemplating quitting your job to follow your heart.
Given a little time, that joyling starts to bud. The joy inside is swelling up with a fierce idea of purpose, but it is still holding back. This Joy Bud is slightly constricted and confined, just waiting for the right moment to burst into bloom. In this stage, you may be a little scared to open yourself to the world and experience the full bounty and beauty that is awaiting you.
But eventually, your joy can no longer be contained and you emerge into a radient Joy Blossom, spreading beauty and happiness to those around you.  You have purpose; you have drive; you have direction. You have joy and you know how to use it! You are beginning to feel fulfilled and your eyes are open wide to the world.
As you continue to mature, you start to see the fruits of your labor, the Fruits of Joy. You realize that when you are in your most joyful state, you have the ability to spread your joy to others that it comes back to you in delicious ways. You are fulfilled and making a living from your life’s calling or the thing that drives your soul. You are so abundant that you can give back to others with plenty and ease.
And from here the cycle continues. The fruits of joy develop seeds that are replanted within everyone they connect with. The cycle continues and joy spreads.


Where are you at in the cycle? Are you just starting your journey or are you at the stage where you are able to spread joy fully?