Landscapes of A Blossoming Mind

Landscapes of A Blossoming Mind

Our minds are rich & colorful gardens of creativity and imagination. In my Landscapes of the Blossoming Mind series, I’m exploring the growth of creativity and mindfulness through an unplanned and intuitive painting technique. Each of these paintings starts with the memory of a nostalgic experience of a natural place, and transforms and morphs into something unexpected as the layers build. This series is a practice in “letting go” of the results in order to see what magic unfolds and how nature can transform experiences of life.

Mixed Media Art Illustrations Colorful Children Nature Marks Linework

This series has been an evolution of my art, and a meshing of my illustration and painting, two loves that I’ve been struggling to intertwine for some time. But by golly, I think I’ve done it!

Mystic Mountains Mixed Media Hipster Colorful Inspirational Art

Hope Is A Waking Dream Mixed Media Art Hipster Trendy Room Decor Neon Pink

Imagine The Possibilities Colorful Magic Woodland Childrens Room Art Decor

It took a lot of letting go, to find a process that allowed me to think less and use more of my intuition and flow. It’s like meditation in a way and it feels so right. When I paint, I’m pushing my mind to bring forward the emotions and feelings associated with memories and present states of joy: nature, plants, place. It’s both stimulating and soothing, the way I think meditation should be.

Breathe It All In Recycled Greeting Card Blank Inspirational Art

Let It Grow Art Greeting Card by Joyful Roots Unique Motivational Hipster Mixed Media Art

Currently, you can find many of the paintings from this series in the Of Land, Sea, and Sky exhibit at ASU’s Ucent Building (411 N Central Ave, Phoenix) in downtown Phoenix and it’s being displayed among works from artists residing all over Arizona.  If you are in the Phoenix area, it’s definitely worth stopping by. The exhibit is on the walls of the first, second, and third floors and open to the public daily from 8 to 5.

There are also high-quality giclee prints and greeting cards of my artwork available in my shop, you know, for all your colorful, inspirational, happy-space needs.

Find me on Instagram!

Find me on Instagram!

If you haven’t noticed, it’s been a while since I’ve made a blog update. Ah, life with a toddler means I have to prioritize big time and it seems that blog posts got cut out of that equation for the time being. Between changing exploding diapers (and attempting potty training), bathing yogurt covered child, cuddling the cute squishy thing, lots of creative play, and so much more, it seems that the quick pace of Instagram has become much more of an appropriate blogging experience for me.

So with that said, I’d love to see you over there! If you haven’t followed me already, here’s a bit of what you are missing.  Come say hi so that we can connect because I would love to see what you are up to as well! There’s still a lot of creativity happening!

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August 10xJOY – Earth Shaker Mover Maker Coffee Mugs!

August 10xJOY – Earth Shaker Mover Maker Coffee Mugs!

Earth Shaker Mover Maker Coffee Mugs Inspirational Tea Lover Coffee Lover Gift

Coffee, glorious coffee. You are my early morning date, my jumpstart ritual. Your rich aroma does not lack boredom, but I have to tell you, I’m excited to gain some extra motivation by sipping you from my rainbow colored Earth Shaker Mover Maker mug early in the day! As my brain starts to buzz, your pretty inspiration is reminding me that today I have the ability to make great things happen by moving, making, and shaking!

Earth Shaker Mover Maker Coffee Mugs Inspirational Tea Lover Coffee Lover Gift

To be honest with you, I’m smitten by these colorful mugs so I’m realllly happy I made one for myself! Of course, there are 10 more of them for those of you who also want to start your morning inspired! And if coffee isn’t your thing, I know you will still enjoy your beverage of choice just as much. The handle boasts plenty of room for a comfy grip and with a roomy 15 ounces, your cup will not spilleth over, unless you want it to, of course!

If you haven’t reserved one from my mailing list (hint: sign up), you can order any remaining mugs at my etsy shop. Now go forth and move, make, and shake!

June 10xJOY: Earth Shaker Mover Maker

June 10xJOY: Earth Shaker Mover Maker

IMG_4371Hi friends, Hi June! How is your summer going? This month has been full of wallpaper removal, moving my art supplies to my new studio, a lot of gardening, and a little creating.

Did you have a chance to check out last month’s letterpress design? It is by far one of my most favorite things I’ve ever created. I’m getting my copy framed to hang in my new studio. Want to know what’s super cool? Tif Smith, who printed the design, had her twin babies this month! That just adds so much to all the goodness! There are still a few left for sale over in the shop too.

Folks, this month has been a bit difficult because of how busy it’s been. Honestly, it’s been so hard to get this project done because of a bunch of things happening in life that have had to take precedence.  I’ve made what I think are some really fun little magnets this month that are hand painted, mixed media, and one-of-a-kind, but I don’t feel like they are ready to sell. I want to refine the product I used for the top gloss coat and maybe the design too. I know people would still enjoy them, but I want them to be better before I actually put them in my shop. Quality is so important to me. There’s still some good news here! I’m going to give five of them away to five people on instagram! The other five, I’m giving to some Earth Shaking Moving and Making friends of mine!

More good news: I’m really fired up about this Earth Shaker Mover Maker motto and I can’t wait to design some other products with this slogan on it. I know so many people who are totally deserving of this title. Are you an #earthshakermovermaker too? It makes me want to keep shaking things up, keep moving, and keep making.

Pop over for the giveaway tomorrow on my Instagram feed and win one for your fridge or magnet board!IMG_4383

Everything You Can Imagine Is Real Letterpress Print

Everything You Can Imagine Is Real Letterpress Print

May 10xJOY is here! If you are signed up for my newsletter then you are already in on the scoop, but if not, here’s what you missed.

Everything You Can Imagine Is Real

I am so incredibly excited about this collaboration with Tif Smith of Stubborn Press that I’ve been about to burst at the seams while waiting to share this with you! Tif is such a talented designer and printer, so I was thrilled when she said she would print my “Everything You Can Imagine Is Real” illustration for me and of course, for you!

What is your imagination dreaming up these days? Pablo Picasso’s quote really strikes a chord with me, because I believe we can create the reality we want through our mindset and actions. It’s like a concise reminder of the Law Of Attraction principle. If you want to be reminded in a beautiful way, that every day you have the opportunity to create your own reality, then this would be the perfect print for your studio or home.

Everything You Can Imagine Is Real Letterpress Print

What’s even more awesome is this print is full of tactile texture and uniqueness that is characteristic of letterpress printing, and we chose a rich black ink and gorgeous paper to really make the design pop. The prints will be signed and numbered by me in pencil.

As of right now there are only seven prints left, so if you want one for yourself or a gift, head on over to my Etsy shop to snag it!

April Showers 10xJOY Limited Edition Tea Towels

April Showers 10xJOY Limited Edition Tea Towels

10xJOY Limited Edition Umbrella Tea Towels

Spring is here and so is April’s 10xJOY project! Are you as excited as I am? 😉  I hope that by now you are being drenched in Spring and all of the beauty that comes with it! Spring is my most favorite time of year and so I’m relishing in the flowers, the sunshine, and even the rain.

Here in Arizona, I often dream of the kind of spring showers we used to get back in the Midwest, with big puffy clouds and crisp air. We have quite a few flowers blooming around here, but that feeling of nostalgia for a northern spring is what inspired this month’s project.

Introducing…Umbrella Tea Towels made with my “Kind of Wish I Was Mary Poppins” original pattern printed on Spoonflower’s super gorgeous cotton linen fabric. This month, I have been putting a lot of love into the perfect spring handmade goodie. These would make a unique housewarming or party gift, or maybe you just want to spoil yourself with something that is only 10 of a kind. Today these are available in my shop as a limited edition item. Once they are gone, they are gone-a-roo!

April Showers Limited Edition Tea Towels


If you haven’t signed up for my mailing list, now I’m offering subscribers the ability to PRE-ORDER any of my 10xJOY items. So, if you want to be updated, don’t forget to sign up for my mailing list by entering your info on the form at the right of the blog.

If you’ve been following along, then you know I will be donating 10% of the profits from 10xJOY to Pencils of Promise! What’s exciting is “at this moment, PoP has officially broken ground on its 300th school! To date, [they’ve] built 300 schools across 3 continents in 4 different countries. Each and every one of [their] schools in Ghana, Guatemala, Nicaragua and Laos is fully operational and educates students daily.”

Don’t miss the giveaway today on Instagram! I made a couple of extra tea towels this month so that I could make sure that I’m selling the best ten. I’m keeping one for myself today you have the chance to win the other “project side-kick” (it has small imperfections that are barely noticeable and would still look so dang good in your kitchen). Find the giveaway on my Instagram @joyfulroots.

Thanks so much for being apart of the 10xJOY journey!