IMG_4371Hi friends, Hi June! How is your summer going? This month has been full of wallpaper removal, moving my art supplies to my new studio, a lot of gardening, and a little creating.

Did you have a chance to check out last month’s letterpress design? It is by far one of my most favorite things I’ve ever created. I’m getting my copy framed to hang in my new studio. Want to know what’s super cool? Tif Smith, who printed the design, had her twin babies this month! That just adds so much to all the goodness! There are still a few left for sale over in the shop too.

Folks, this month has been a bit difficult because of how busy it’s been. Honestly, it’s been so hard to get this project done because of a bunch of things happening in life that have had to take precedence.  I’ve made what I think are some really fun little magnets this month that are hand painted, mixed media, and one-of-a-kind, but I don’t feel like they are ready to sell. I want to refine the product I used for the top gloss coat and maybe the design too. I know people would still enjoy them, but I want them to be better before I actually put them in my shop. Quality is so important to me. There’s still some good news here! I’m going to give five of them away to five people on instagram! The other five, I’m giving to some Earth Shaking Moving and Making friends of mine!

More good news: I’m really fired up about this Earth Shaker Mover Maker motto and I can’t wait to design some other products with this slogan on it. I know so many people who are totally deserving of this title. Are you an #earthshakermovermaker too? It makes me want to keep shaking things up, keep moving, and keep making.

Pop over for the giveaway tomorrow on my Instagram feed and win one for your fridge or magnet board!IMG_4383