My obsession began with my own personal experience.

This year has been a horrendous year for allergies for me. So one morning, I was in the office with a particularly bad case of the sniffles and sneezes. I could hardly open my eyes and I was about to go meet with a client. My coworker, Dave, came up to me with what the others in our office lovingly call “his snake oil” and told me to put three drops of his oil blend on my tongue. I have tried a lot of remedies for allergy attacks like that, with at most minimal results, so I was skeptical it would have much of an impact. But only a couple of minutes later, I had stopped sneezing and I was feeling like I could breathe again!

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I have never, ever had anything fix me so quickly, so of course, I immediately asked where I could get some of that. He sells the essential oils through a company called DoTerra, but since he didn’t have that particular one in stock, he directed me to a place in town that carried them. Ever since, I’ve been hooked! It’s not entirely surprising because I’ve always had a strong interests in both plants and natural remedies. (I call myself a plant nerd).

To me, it’s awe-inspiring how mother nature has provided us with so much healing power. But until recently, I don’t think I ever quite grasped the potential that plants carry.

Essential Oils, The Power Of Plants For Healing

My new interest has me fascinated in all of the uses each oil can hold, so I’ve been squeezing as much of this knowledge into my brain as possible. Hopefully the people around me don’t start to get annoyed because when somebody has a ailment that’s been nagging at them, I’m pretty apt to tell them, “I’ve got an oil for that!” I’m passionate about the oils because they really seem to work (from my experience and the many other stories I have heard) and because I love helping people. I want to give them away free to everyone I know that has an ailment so they can heal and see for themselves, but unfortunately, until I make it big time, that would leave me broke.

So what I would like to do, is share my knowledge here in the hopes that someone will find it useful and be able to heal themselves or make their lives a bit better. My plan is to start posting information, recipes, and remedies related to essential oil, amongst the other fun stuff you’ll fid here. Next up, I’m going to tell you why I’m so fond of DoTerra’s oils and their company