One Word. Purity.

Ok. A few other words: Ethics, Integrity, Consistency, Quality, Potency, Education, and Knowledge.


As I said in my last post, I’ve been interested in the healing properties of plants for a while, but it wasn’t until I experienced the effects of DoTERRA‘s oils on myself that I realized the medicinal strength they can carry. I believe this is because DoTERRA is committed to producing the most potent, most pure oils available. Quite simply, the founders of DoTERRA have made it their mission to bring a new level of standard to the world of essential oils. They raised the bar, and then raised it again.

Why are their oils so potent and pure?

  • They are always 100% pure and natural.
  • They are guaranteed and tested to be free of any contaminants, pesticides, or other synthetic chemicals. 
  • Each batch that comes in from their growers is tested using mass spectrometry and gas chromatography to ensure both extract purity and composition by two third-party labs. This test ensures that no additional ingredients such as weeds, pesticides or synthetics are in the oil. If it doesn’t meet the standards, it gets sent back.
  • They have a global network of scientists and growers who research which plant species and factors will create the best oils.
  • They source plants from their native environment and harvest during the optimum time to ensure potency.
  • They hire and train experienced distillers to ensure essential oil extracts are consistent and powerful.

On top of all that, I have been so impressed by the values and the integrity of this company. Not only are they committed to providing the highest quality oils, they are combining that with deep commitment to scientific research and education. They are working with some top scientists and medical professionals to do clinical studies, trials, and research on both the effects of oils on our bodies and new plants that can provide benefits to health and wellness.

DoTERRA doesn’t claim that their oils are a cure-all (although I’ve heard some accounts of amazing healing experiences). What they believe is that when combined with a lifestyle of wellness, the oils are an added level of support. Their philosophy is about teaching informed self care alternatives and encouraging people to take a proactive role in their medical care.

Doterra Wellness Diagram

Image from The DoTERRA website

They have also worked with some of those brilliant scientists to create a line of wellness products that go far beyond your typical vitamin. This is high-tech meets low-tech. They have developed some pretty nifty little pills that offer a double-decker capsule to release into your body at the right time, where the vitamins can be best absorbed. Right now I’m taking their probiotic and I can tell an immediate difference in my body.

Yes, they are a Multi-level Marketing Company and they get greif for this by some people. I can honestly say it made me a bit uncomfortable, but after using their products and doing my own investigation of what people on both sides of the fence are saying, I feel comfortable in knowing that I am getting the highest quality products available. DoTERRA says they set up this business model, to give the most people the most direct reach to the products and to also provide a higher level of education.

And to give you full disclosure, yes, I am an Independent Sales Consultant.  I signed up to get wholesale prices for myself because I was so impressed by their product. There wasn’t any hoopla to become a member, you don’t have to sell anything and you don’t have to buy any expensive packages unless you want to. The more I use their products, the more convinced I am, and the more I want to share them with the world. That’s what has lead me to write about it here!

One of the reasons I am telling you all of this is so that you know when I am writing subsequent posts, I’m giving you information based on Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade (CPTG) oils. The same level of safety and effectiveness may not apply to other oils. In fact, many oils that are not pure should not be ingested, so please be careful and do your research. {See this page on for more safety information}

Be healthy. Be joyful!

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