Baby On Board Graphic by Joyful Roots

I have an announcement to make! There will be a new addition coming to the Joyful Roots family in October. Yes, my husband and I are having a baby!

You may have noticed I’ve been a bit absent lately. The morning sickness (all day sickness) has done a number on me, but I’m almost to the end of the first trimester and I’ve been told things get better after that. Aside from eating pickles and mustard non-stop (really!) my brain has been super duper foggy and it has made it hard to come up with good content here and sound like my happy-go-lucky self.  Thank you for being patient and hanging in there with me!

I know that having a child is going to bring a whole new level of excitement and busyness to my life, and I’m thrilled for what awaits! I plan to continue blogging as much as possible, but while I’m preparing for the new addition and I’d love some advice from all of you mothers out there!

A few questions have been mucking around in my mind, and I’d love for you to share your advice and ideas in the comments below:

  • What is the best “fun” item you bought/received when you were expecting (or right after baby was born)?
  • What is the best practical item you can recommend?
  • Words of wisdom? How do you balance your business and your new baby?

Thanks everyone! You are the best!