This is one lucky girl, I tell ya! Caylie Price is the winner of our logo or business card design giveaway! This is the second giveaway of mine that Caylie has won (first from my old website), but I swear it’s not rigged! It must be all the good vibes Caylie has been putting out into the universe for me! She’s been an incredible supporter of my launch as well as a dear “virtual” friend (being that she lives all the way in Australia).

Here’s what Caylie said about her greatest joy:

“My greatest joy is the feeling I get when I’ve worked really hard on something and it turns out to be a success.” ~Caylie

I believe that Caylie is thinking about revamping her look a bit, so congratulations Caylie, this will help you head in that direction. Caylie is the owner of Better Business, Better Life. She is a business consultant, online marketer and professional trainer/presenter who loves generating ideas and strategies with other business owners. In the time I have known her, I have seen her keen critical thinking and problem solving skills in action by way of her Online Marketing Reviews that she gave away during the holiday season. I was lucky enough to have both my businesses reviewed by her and wow, what a help that was!  Which one will you choose Caylie? A logo or a business card design?

We received some other delightful answers to the question too.

“My greatest joy is the 10 minutes after everyone has gone to bed for the night. Knowing that everyone is home and safe and healthy and comfortable enough to sleep. It’s just heaven.” ~Ellen of Go Crochet

“My greatest joy is sitting out on the porch during a Texas thunderstorm and listening to the rain on the roof.” ~Alexis of Lane Design Studio, LLC.

“What brings me joy is a simple, slow paced life full of friends, family, plants and animals.” ~Nicky of Dirt and Martinis

Thanks to all of you that entered! I hope you will still take action to create a beautiful brand for yourself. Let me know if I can be of service to you. See you all around!