Things To Make You Think Spring!

1. Bird Chirping Weather by Katie Daisy // 2. Everyday Purse by Melissa Beaudrie // 3. Birds Original Painting by Céline // 4. Large Whimsical Floor Cushion by Big Bird’s Boutique // 5. Bunting Necklace by Tiffany

We had a blast of cold (and a head-cold to go with it) over the weekend and I think it was winter’s final hoorah because yesterday it was 85 degrees here in sunny Sierra Vista. It’s amazing how much a difference in my overall mood the weather makes, and I don’t think I quite realized winter’s impact until this week.

It’s interesting, I get a different feeling inside my core when each season changes. I can actually “feel” spring. It’s been warm a few times before this week, but on Monday, something shifted inside me. I can’t quite describe it but it feels like a big sunny, happy bubble burst open all around me. I may be crazy. Can any of you relate?

Anyway, for those of you in cooler climates, I think spring is heading your way! So along with the happy vibes of spring I wanted to share some cheerful little Etsy finds! If you don’t have the sunshine yet, I hope that this brings a little pinch of spring your way.