Hello friends. It’s been a while. I haven’t meant to leave you hanging, but it seems I’ve gotten myself into a slight pickle. (And in case you were wondering, it’s dill, not sweet).

Pickle by Guy Harkness

Pickle by Guy Harkness

You see, being the multipotentialite that I am, I love so many things. I love art, and photography, and graphic design, and landscape design, and crafts, and helping others, and weddings. A while back, when business was slow, I asked the universe to send some inspiring and exciting business my way. What I didn’t know was it was going to send it all at once!

And since all of these opportunities were exciting and fun, just like I asked for, I said yes to all of them. Well, as it turns out, it’s hard for me to manage all of those things simultaneously, as much as I would like to, because there is only one of me and a finite amount of time (I haven’t yet learned how to create time, have you?).

About two months ago, a local landscape design and construction firm asked me to work part time for them. What an exciting new learning experience I thought. Alright!

And a motivated and lovely woman wanted me to design her blog for her. Live Outside, that’s right up my alley! For sure!

And another lady that is dear to my heart needed a business Facelift. Sure thing, Caylie!  After all, you already won a new logo from me. Let’s finish it up!

And my fiance and I photographed an amazing wedding in Tucson with 3000 photos. Let’s get processing!

And another photography client and friend wanted an album. Yes, ma’am!

And that landscape design job that was on hold for 6 months resurfaced.

And my wedding, and, and…

Hold up! What the heck was I thinking? After listing it all, it makes it absolutely clear that there is no way in heck one person can take this all on at the same time. Oh. Dear. Me.

That brings me to my next point. I’m learning.

  • I’m learning what’s feasible for one person.
  • I’m learning how much time things actually take.
  • I’m learning to set limits.
  • I’m learning to say “no” or “this will have to wait.”
  • I’m learning that my health must still come first because after not exercising for three weeks straight I start to feel really crummy.
  • I’m learning that having no free time makes me crabby and isn’t good for my relationships either.
  • I’m learning that miraculously, things still get done when I do take breaks.
  • I’m learning that “Landscape design is not life and death” as Elizabeth of Live Outside‘s dad used to tell her.
  • I’m learning that I don’t like working for free (unless it’s a giveaway) and I’m learning how to better estimate my time.
  • I’m learning what’s missing from my contracts.
  • I’m learning that I need to honor my proposals and charge for additional services instead of just being nice.
  • I’m learning that I should be charging more in general.
  • I’m learning that taking on too much dilutes the attention and product I can give each of my valued clients.
  • I’m learning that going in too many different directions does the same because it’s hard to focus when there are so many different types of things that need to get done.
  • I’m learning to love the process.
Learning To Love The Process By Albis@albfit

Learning To Love The Process By Albis@albfit

That’s a lot of learning and learning is one thing that I don’t ever want to stop.

Will you learn with me and stick around as our joyful businesses evolve and our journeys unfold their twist and turns? I don’t know what’s in store just yet, but whatever it is, I know it’s gong to be an enlightening ride.

‘There is no learning without some difficulty and fumbling. If you want to keep on learning, you must keep on risking failure—all your life.’

— John W. Gardner

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