Do you ever wake up in the morning with your crabby panties on? Your underwear in a bunch? I know I have. Well, these ladies are going to help us change that, one pair of panties at a time. Since putting on your underwear is one of the first things you do in the morning, why not let that motivate you to have a good day? I love that these ladies are pushing positivity with “a secret superhero cape of invincibility – your secret skivvies.”

So, maybe you are having a rough day at work and you remember what your underwear says…

Positive Panties Kickstarter

…and you think, “Yeah! Take that bad day! I’ve got a secret positivity potion written all over my boo-tay! I am going to rock this day.”

These girls need some funding to help spread the positive under-vibe. If you’ve got the notion and the cents to help fund their project, hop on over to Kickstarter and get involved. They need their funding by October 31st, so time is moving along quick.

Curing crabbiness… one sweet ass at a time. Think of Positive Panties as your secret superhero cape of invincibility.