We don’t have much change of colors in this part of Arizona during fall, but the air is getting crisper and the mood is changing. I’m always amazed at how each season brings about a unique feeling. To me, Autumn feels as though the sky is drawing inward. The world is glowing and there is a calmness and contemplativeness that is rooted deep inside.  It’s like the world is saying, “Be cozy. Take a load off and wind down.”

Does the change in seasons bring about changes in your life, your mood, your being? What does it feel like to you?

Be Cozy by Kimberly Creagan

This is a photograph that I took a few years ago that resurfaced. It seemed perfect for the fall mood. To really get in the Autumn groove, I made a playlist for you of some songs that feel like fall to me. Music has a way of connecting with a particular feeling, and these songs feel right for this time of year. Plus, I wanted to share this website, GrooveShark, with you. With the ability to listen to just about any song, stream similar songs, play radio, and share playlists, I’m hooked!!  So grab a cup of chai, put on some music, and be cozy friends.