Original illustration by Penelope and Pip, Today is a Beautiful Day

Don't you just love this illustration by Penelope and Pip? I can't get enough of Rachael Smith's creations!

Hello Joy Cultivators! I’m working hard to bring you inspiration and information that is postive, helpful, and relevant.

Things are a brewin’ so don’t miss the fun that is to come. Here are a few of the things in store for the near future at Joyful Roots:

  • Artist interviews: We’ve interviewed Mishel Valenton, creator of the colorful and uplifting art at Aeropagita Prints. I can’t wait to share more about her philosophy and art that is “focused on self awareness, positivity and enlightenment.” How fitting!  Plus, we have more interviews in store. Good stuff!
  • A video from me: This is just a little fun get-to-know-kim video that I am putting together. It’s inspired by Caylie Price’s “7 Things You May Not Know About Me” post. I’ve never done a video on a blog before, but I thought it might be good for you to get an idea of who the heck this Kim girl is! I’m facing my fears with this one, big time!
  • #JoyChat on Twitter: Every other thursday a bunch of amazing people are getting together to discuss our passions, businesses, and life. Join in! The next one is this Thursday, April 5th at 12pm (noon) EST. This next chat will be a get-to-know you chat focused on moving toward our visions and following our true callings.
  • Useful Goodies: I’m working on creating a goodie for you that is going to help you with your daily to-dos. It’s based on a little method I use to organize my day in a simple, effective, and motivational way.

Plus, we’ll still be featuring more amazing art and design, thought-provoking questions, and other surprises. Oh joy!