“When love and desire (represented as Eros) are “wedded” to the soul of mankind (represented as Psyche), the seasons bring forth roses which spread the magical powers of Zeus across the land.” – Roses Magazine on Rose Folklore

Joyful Roots Ranch Roses Organic From Our Garden

Our roses are making a spectacular comeback during these finals days of summer, and more than ever, this year, I’ve been reveling in their pleasure. They smell divine. The look gorgeous. They feel like silk. I can almost hear them whisper to me…“I am the embodiment of the feminine – an aroma of pure pleasure, a silky smooth crown, balanced by thorns which serve to protect the most delicate parts.”

My interpretation is just one of the many ways that roses have been made into folklore and symbolism over the ages. She is the flower of all flowers. Just as they signify innocence and purity and motherhood, they also symbolize death. The paradox of the rose – both messages meaningful to me. You see, ever since the New Moon Eclipse, I’ve been finding myself entangled in a mixture of feelings. It feels like a part of me is dying while a new woman is being born. To those of you who aren’t used to hearing me speak this way, it might sound strange, but recently I’ve been uncovering this mystical side of me that was closed up tight like a bud and waiting to emerge (see what I did there?).

In my life right now, the rose is symbolizing a deeper understanding of what it means to be a woman. You see, I’ve grown up, been employed, moved away from home, made a home of my own, birthed a child, but I don’t think I ever fully embraced womanhood (the reasons of which are a topic for a whole other post.) I understand that I have been a woman, physically, but I didn’t fully understand what it means to be a woman who has stepped in to her own feminine power. And as I learn what that means – to be a woman who embraces her empowered divine feminine nature – I am finding that the roses are my plant ally, blooming all around me and bringing me magic and physicality, at this time of self-discovery. I am so blessed. Could anything be as sweet?

I’m still on the journey, and still discovering what this means, so as I follow this path I will continue to share my insights with you. What I’m feeling now is that I’m being called to step up, play my part in healing this world as a wise woman, find my own power and voice, and start speaking more clearly and passionately about what is in my heart and soul.

This post is a beginning, because it’s taking courage to say: I believe there is more mystery, connection, depth, and meaning in this world than what I’ve been taught to know. I feel things that don’t make sense rationally. I’m gaining clarity and dusting off pieces of myself that I’ve locked away and they are starting to find their way out into the light. I feel the energy of plants and people around me – energy is everywhere and is all things. I believe in angels, God/Divine/Creatrix, and the breath of life that is connected to all of us in this Earth and the Universe. I believe that love is God, pure and simple. I believe in things that can’t yet be explained with science. I feel a Priestess energy inside me, that honors truth and healing, and is called to offer both of those to the world. I am not better than anyone else, and no more gifted, but each of us will be called to shine our light and gifts in this world in our own time and each of us has something beautifully unique to offer.

Sisterhood of the Rose


I know I’m not alone in feeling major shifts during the eclipse. Many of my woman friends have told me they feel it too. How about you? What meaning, wisdom, or clarity have you gained after the eclipse? If like, me, you are feeling a calling to embrace your divine feminine, then you may also want to surround yourself with roses. I know not everyone has roses growing in their yard, but I’ve thought of some other ways that you can bring the beauty of the rose into your life while you transform.

  • Many cities have parks with rose gardens. Spend some time walking among the roses. Focus on all of your senses as you do this and feel the pleasure in your body. Touch the petals to your face. Revel in the sweet aroma while closing your eyes. Notice the details of the petals and the way light falls upon them.
  • If you can’t find a local rose garden, or they aren’t in bloom right now, look for cut roses at the store to adorn your home. If possible, look for organically grown roses, which you can also have shipped to your home.  Spend time in the art of observation with your roses through some of the activities mentioned above.  You could even take out a sketchbook and engage your eyes in the act of drawing the rose, which for me, brings me closer to knowing a plant.
  • Find a luxurious skincare item that smells like roses. Joyful Roots Vanilla Rose Lip Balm is actually infused with roses from our own garden.
  • Drink rose petal tea or enjoy this Summer Cooler Tea with Hibiscus and Rose.
  • Invest in rose essential oil or as a less expensive option, get yourself a high quality rose hydrosol.
  • Bathe in rose petals.

“The rose is a rose from the time it is a seed to the time it dies. Within it, at all times, it contains its whole potential. It seems to be constantly in the process of change: Yet at each state, at each moment, it is perfectly all right as it is.”
~Paulo Coelho


Things are changing around here. Change is a constant, that’s for sure, but I’m continuing to hone in on my unique voice, through an exploration of myself. I want to let you know that I’m integrating and shifting. My passions, art and plant medicine are clearly leading me to explore what it means to live a life rooted in joy via a connection to nature and creativity.

That’s why I’m lovingly transforming this website into something that more closely represents me and this exploration and why I’m bursting with excitement over the new offerings that will become available to you! Here’s a little taste of what’s up my sleeve: I’m solidifying my brand style, incorporating more guidance of how to become grounded in your joy through my own explorations, and I will be adding plant based wellness products to my shop!

Thank you, for being on this journey with me. YOU make it richer and more lovely. You mean the world to me!