I’ve had a strong urge for a while to try my hand at block printing again. I did it when I was younger and enjoyed it a lot, but something about the idea of stamping on fabric really got under my skin…in a good way. If I can print on fabric, I can make functional art and incorporate my increasing desire to become better at sewing. (Stay tuned for some learning to sew fun here on the blog and watch me try to figure out this world of thread)! Regardless of whether I learn to sew well or not, I’m already stocking up on tea towels and napkins to print on. It’s oh so deliciously fun, I must say.

Want to see some tid bits of what I’ve been working on?

Mois fishies on tea towels…perfecting the process:

Fish Block Print Stamp on Tea Towels

Fish block printed on tea towels joyful roots

On Saturday, the fabulous ladies from the Oh My! Handmade Community and I had a block printing work party on Google Hangouts. It was a blast! Here’s what I worked on.

hello block stamp print

And here’s a no sew skirt I made from an old t-shirt, thanks to this easy TrashN2Tees tutorial! (You can also see my baby bump).

Arrow Block Printed Skirt GReen

Expect to see some new hand stamped goodies in my Etsy shop in the future and I hope you’ll follow me as this journey unfolds.

Do you have a new craft or medium you are learning lately? I’d love to hear about it in the comments and see some pictures too!