If  you’ve been following my blog for a while now, you probably are wondering what the heck happened to me and if I had my baby yet!

Little Graysen Timothy Kling wasn’t in a rush to come into this world, but at 41 weeks +1 day and after 38 hours of labor, he made his grand arrival on October 15th!

Baby Halloween

I wanted to make his announcement sooner but boy oh boy babies take a lot of time! We are slowly working into more of a schedule and he’s been giving mama a little more time these past couple of days. (Yay, that means I can shower)!

I’m so in love with this little man. He’s the best, with his coos and cuddles. He makes the cutest expressions and I could watch him every second of the day. I’m quite honestly in awe of him.


Baby Gray wanted to wish you a Happy Halloween today. He told me to tell you to indulge a little, but don’t overdo the candy. Oh, and send some candy corn his way. 😉