Day of the Dead Doll - Dia de los muertos - Art Doll - Made to Order - Myriam Powell Designs

Day of the Dead Doll by Myriam Powell

Dia De Los Muertos is approaching on November 1st and 2nd. When I moved to Tucson, that was my first experience with the rich cultural flavor and vibrant yet somewhat somber designs that accompany the holiday. I’m sure the Tucson festivities are nothing like the traditional festivities in Latin America or beyond, but regardless, I’ve been completely intrigued ever since I went to that first All Soul’s Procession in downtown Tucson.

The culture and the holiday are accompanied by a whole artistic culture that is filled with richness, texture, and a curiosity and reverence for the afterlife. I think that is the aspect I find most interesting. So today, I have a brilliant artist I would like to share with you, who has been incredibly inspiring to me, Myriam Powell.

 Angel Art Doll - Paper Clay Sculpted - Button Eyed Doll - Myriam Powell

Angel Art Doll by Myriam Powell

Myriam is a self taught artist who loves art, music, antiques, and learning about people and their culture. One of the reasons she started her Etsy shop, is her love of different cultures and countries communicating through their amazing art.

 Day of the Dead - Dia de los muertos - Halloween Magnet - Halloween Decor - Myriam Powell

Day of the Dead Magnet by Myriam Powell

 Devil Art Doll- Goth Halloween - Felted Pumpkin- Myriam Powell Designs

Devil Art Doll Goth Halloween by Myriam Powell

She grew up in Colombia, South America surrounded by many talented people who helped instill a deep respect and admiration for handmade. Her brother was an amazing painter and fashion designer. Her mom, who she says has the most gifted hands, always inspired her through her painting, sewing, and knitting.

In Myriam’s words:

“My dolls express the way I see life. A fusion of opposites looking for equilibrium to make it work. I tend to be more attracted to gothic dolls. I am fascinated by the unknown, the dark side of things (without letting it consume me), and the enigma they perpetrate.”

Myriam Powell Working On A Felted Art Piece

Myriam Powell Working On A Felted Art Piece

 Day of the Dead Art - Needle Felted - Dia de los Muertos - Made to Order

Day of the Dead Art – Needle Felted by Myriam Powell

Myriam is passionate about Art Doll making, sculpting, and needle felting. She likes to make pieces that are unique and meaningful in some way and finds inspiration in colors, music, textures, people, styles, materials, antiques, and places.

Take a look at her shop to see more of her incredible work and get into the spirit of the holiday.