That was so much fun! I loved hearing all of your words for the New Year and your thoughts about what I should create more of this year. Your words this year are SETTLE, KEEP SWIMMING, JUMP, BRAVE…I love it! Let’s see you get out there and make it happen!

What did you want to see me create more of this year? One message, from my sweet friend Laurel really resonated with me. She said “I want to see you create space this year. Space to hold light, space to expand, space to be. Expansiveness in your art and your life. You’ve grown and are growing so much (oh, these life changes/challenges do push us to grow!)–you need room. 🙂 And I happen to consider the desert an excellent muse for reflections on space and light, expansion and contraction.”

Isn’t that just so perfect and beautiful? I love that amazing mind of hers. I hadn’t really thought about creation in that way, but it’s brilliant and exactly what I need.

Alright, I suppose you want to know who won? I had Rafflecopter pick the winner for me…only I decided to choose two! I guess I’m feeling festive. I’d like to congratulate Jenelle Montilone and Alan Potter for winning their choice of minis! Jenelle’s name was chosen first, so I had her choose first. She decided on the Fox Totem…one of my favorite little creatures. She’s already told me he will be at home on her art wall she is in the process of creating! Now it’s Alan’s turn!

Giveaway Winner-01

Congratulations winners! I will be shipping your mini’s out very shortly! I hope you enjoy them in your home.

Here’s to hoping you all have a brilliant and creative year! Thanks for being a friend.