I promised you video and gosh darn it, I’ve made you a video! So, hello and nice to meet you!

My lovely Australian friend, Caylie Price, recently posted 7 Things We May Not Know About Her on her business blog and she challenged others to do the same. Well, I thought it was a fun little get-to-know-you exercise, but I wanted to put my own joyful twist on it to make it jive with Joyful Roots. That’s why in this video I’m telling you 7 Ways That I Find Joy In My Daily Life.

What rituals or practices do you maintain to keep balance and joy in your life?

I would love to turn this into a discussion or an extension of the challenge.  If you want to join in, tell us 7 ways that you bring joy to your daily life on your blog and post your link in the comments. Better yet, do it in video format!