Happy New Year everyone!

This year has flown by at unbelievable speeds and brought the biggest change to my life yet – my new baby boy! 2013 was an incredible yet roller-coaster type of year. Some major amazingness happened including making beautiful new friends, working on fabulous and unexpected projects, growing my business, and having the biggest bundle of joy come into my life. What a year!

2014 Giveaway! Art

With 2014 here, I’m spending the next few days reassessing and pondering how to make this next year fabulous. Since big changes have happened in my life, big changes will also need to take place in my business. Mainly, I’m realizing I will need much more focus in order to get the things done that will help Joyful Roots to thrive in the limited amount of time I now have. I’m not quite sure yet how that will take form, but that’s the goal. FOCUS was my word of the year last year, but I don’t think it really happened. This year however, I’m really going to have to streamline and stick to it. Another word I need to add to that is HUSTLE. I’m really not good at the hustle, but something big has got to happen this year to help my little family and this business make ends meet, so hustle it is.

What are your plans for the new year? Do you have a word (or two) that encompasses what you want to accomplish this year?

Alright, on with the partying…Today I reached 300 followers over at the Joyful Roots Facebook page and that is a huge accomplishment, I think. So because there is so much reason for celebration, I decided to offer 14% off everything in my shop plus have a giveaway!

From now until January 14th everything in my shop will be 14% off with the coupon code PARTY2014. Christmas may be over, but it’s never too late to treat yourself to something fun, handmade, and artsy.

I also want to give one lucky person one of my original mini paintings, so go ahead and enter the giveaway below to get yourself a little mini art treat of your choice!

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Happy 2014!