Live Your Truth Print by Brenna Giessen on Etsy

Live Your Truth Print by Brenna Giessen on Etsy

My precious baby boy is asleep. As I’m sure most parents do, I’ve been wondering what he is going to be like when he grows up. What will he be interested in? What will his personality be like? What traits will he inherit from his dad and I? What and who will he grow to love?

It’s clear to me as a mother, that it really doesn’t matter who he becomes – I will love him fiercely no matter what. As he grows, there are many things I want him to know and learn. Yes, that includes his ABC’s and 123’s, but there are so many lessons from life that I hope I can help to teach him along the way. As he sleeps so sweetly, I’ve worked on a list of life lessons I hope that he will grow to understand. I know that he will have to search for the answers to life’s big questions in his own way, but I also hope that I can help guide him by what I have learned…

Celebrate Differences. You come from a long line of strange people, so you will most likely be strange yourself. Embrace those differences…they are beautiful. Children may make fun of you but have confidence in yourself because that mind of yours will serve you well. If you stay true to yourself and be brave in your uniqueness, people will love and admire you.

Trust Your Gut. Your instinct is strong, but you must learn to listen to it. Society will try to tell you what you “should” do. Go your own way instead.

Love Matters Most. More than anything ever, love is the most important force in the Universe. Treat everyone as you would want to be treated, even if they are not nice to you. Love really does conquer all, even if it takes a while.

Dispel Darkness With Light. You can only remove darkness by introducing light. Light is energy just like love. You can only remove hatred by introducing love. In this world, hate has never truly dispelled hate. Not once. Hatred has no existence of it’s own. It is merely the absence of love.

Magic Is Everywhere. Don’t ever lose your sense of wonderment and child-like inquisitiveness. The world is full of magic, you just have to keep an open mind, open heart, and open eyes.

The Universe Will Give You What You Ask For. Call it the Universe. Call it God. Call it Life Spirit. Call It Law Of Attraction. Call it what you want. Ask and it shall be given to you (but you have to know what you want first).

Nature Is Your Friend. Respect It. There is so much beauty on this Earth. Revel in it. Explore it. Soak in as much as you can. Breathe in the fresh air. Watch the birds soar. Smell the flowers. Feel the grass under your feet. Let the waves soak into your skin. And remember to treat each element of nature with respect, love, and reverence so that it is there for your children’s children and their children.

You Can Find Peace In The Present. Learn to be in the present moment instead of thinking about the future or the past. All you really have is right now, so love the moment. Your life will be less stressful the more you can focus on the now. Meditation, stillness, yoga, exercise, prayer, painting, and creating can all help you to be more aligned with the present. Find what works best for you. (This is a hard one, I know).

Take Time For Stillness. In order to think clearly, find your way, and know happiness, it is important to quiet your mind. Breathe in the stillness. Shut off the devices and disconnect regularly. You are going to have access to more technology and information than I could ever fathom, but you won’t be able to make full use of it unless you allow yourself to be free of it at times. Make room in your mind and soul by finding stillness regularly.

Be humble. “The difference is on the inside. It’s the spirit of the individual. Those who profit from adversity possess a spirit of humility and are therefore inclined to make the necessary changes needed to learn from their mistakes, failures, and losses. They stand in stark contrast to prideful people who are unwilling to allow adversity to be their teacher and as a result fail to learn.” Enough said. (John C. Maxwell)

Follow Your Bliss. Life is fleeting and precious. Live your life doing what you love. It’s okay to figure that out as you go and it’s ok to change your mind. Take it from me, if you try to ignore your bliss you will be unhappy and you will find your way back to it eventually anyway.

Get To Really Know People. Be you and allow others to be themselves. Ask people many questions about themselves. Ask your friends about matters of their heart. Be of service. Be loyal. Be a good listener.

Live As Though Everything Is A Miracle. Einstein said it best.  “There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.” If you live by this philosophy, the world will continue to amaze you and you will have a wonderous life.

You Are Surrounded By Love. I love you more than anything ever. More than myself. More than I could have ever imagined. I’m pretty sure your dad feels the same way. You have so many people that love you – your grandparents, your sister, your aunts and uncles, and I would even say the world. Lucky you!

Find Your Own Truths. I may or may not be right. In fact, rightness is only a figment of the imagination anyway. You can use these ideas as a guidepost and learn from what I have learned, but in the end, you need to find the truths that resonate with you. In your life, you will probably know much more than I have ever known. Life is an incredible journey and I hope you will have a most amazing experience here.