Closet Image

Image via stefanyalves

Cranky pants-we’ve all got ’em.

They’re the pants thrown in that dark corner of your closet-the one with all of your ‘I’ll fit into these again someday’ attire.
They mock you in the morning, in the few moments just out of bed when your morning pick-me-up has yet to reach your lips.

They are wrinkled.

They lure you by bringing useless banter to the forefront of your mind:
-the twin, mean-girl sisters that are self-doubt and self-deprecation
-the frantic frenemy that is overwhelm
-the disillusioned F-bomb that is fear

And just as you reach for them, that unsightly, ill-mannered piece of clothing, and prepare to step both legs into their black, hollowed center-you see something folded neatly on a shelf.


You shift.  An involuntary hope appears across your face as you reach in the opposite direction to reveal a sweater, a slack, or a skirt-the one that adds a smile, a boost, and a hot moxie swagger.

It lures you by brining beautiful language to the forefront of your mind:
-the affirming and encouraging embrace that is self-love
-the fortifying chorus that belts ‘Yes, I can!’
-the soul-shifting, bliss-fulfilling reality that is your creative talent

You slip it on.  And your day is delicious.

Joy is a choice.

Like getting dressed in the morning-you can choose to put it on, or save it for another occasion.

How about the occasion that is today (hooray!)?
Because unlike clothes, joy never goes out of style.

How are you wearing your joy today?