Lost at Sea by Virginia Kraljevic

Lost at Sea by Virginia Kraljevic

I’ve been hunkering down here for a while. Quietly observing, thinking, riding the waves, and contemplating change. It’s been a busy past couple months…my wedding in one month, new PT job (which I’m totally loving but is a topic for another day), and many other projects. It’s been so busy that I have somehow managed to start letting my ideals slip – to start losing sight of the reasons I went into business for myself. Which brings me to a conclusion, growth is an iterative process and there are no steadfast fules. Sometimes it takes jumping in to know that something isn’t right for you. Or to know that it is.

I started Joyful Roots in a fire of inspiration. Mostly, I was inspired by all of you – your beautiful work, your creations, your joyousness, your love for what you do! I also started Joyful Roots as an explorative process in building a business that I was just as passionate about and that could be molded into the lifestyle visions I have for myself.

I like graphic design. I like the creative parts of it – the colors, the ideas, the learning process. I like exploring it. But I have found, I’m not very keen on basing my whole business on it. And here’s the real kicker – At this point in time, I’m finding I’m not always keen on developing custom designs for other people. Ugh, there I said it. It sounds so final. That’s the first time I’ve said it and it feels scary because I’m wondering what you all think. I’m afraid that you might think that I’m selfish, or too idealistic, or just an unrealistic ninny. I’m afraid that I’m giving up an area of business that I may want back some day. I’m afraid that you will all think I can’t make up my mind. But it’s the truth. I LOVE designing, but what I really love is the freedom of creativity. When I’m confined to someone else’s guidelines, budget, time constraints, I have a tendency to lose the creative flair and get stuck. That might change, who knows.

You know what else I love? I LOVE curating. I love being inspired by you and your work! I love discovering artists and designers whose work brings then joy. I love sharing your work with the world.

Do More Of What Makes You Happy

Do More Of What Makes You Happy by Lindsay Whitehead of Unraveled Design

Here’s another kicker. I have realized that for a good while now, I have been ignoring my artist tendencies. Somehow I got wrapped up in the idea that if I just created what I wanted to create, that I would never be able to base a business on that and that it’s a selfish ideal. (I know, practice what you preach already Kim. Funny thing is, I’ve never felt that way about other artists). I’ve been thinking that I have to serve people directly in order to have any sort of profitable business. Does society teach us that? Where did I learn that I can’t simply be an artist a way of life? That I must conform and confine my creativity? That I must turn my art into something functional and service oriented?

Why can’t my service to the world simply be creating and sharing what I love, and hope that others love it too?

I’ve suppressed my artist tendencies for too long now. I went to engineering school, played the office game, and was miserable. I’ve tried to make my idea fit into a box that I thought I needed to fit into.  Creating Joyful Roots was the first step in breaking away from that mentality, but now I’m realizing that things must change even more.

I still don’t know what that change means. This change isn’t coming swiftly like change often does. I’m sipping it like a fine wine, laying back and observing my options and surroundings. I’m contemplating where to go next and I know that path may not be straightforward. That’s the fun of it.

What I do know is two things: I love creating and I love exploring other people’s creations. And I’m thinking you can expect Joyful Roots to move in a different direction, with more superfluousness, more “just because”, more art and design, more curation, and more passion!

Because life’s too short not to embrace the change that brings us closer to the things we love.