Add a plant to just about anything, and it will be transformed.  What could be better than bringing new life (quite literally) to old things by turning them into planters?

The following ideas are sure to inspire you.  Do you have your own DIY planter idea to add?  Post a link in the comments, or better yet, send me an e-mail so I can post your idea on my blog!

This DIY Tie Planter seen on Modcloth is just too cool!

Matti and Megan of Far Out Flora came up with this entirely brilliant idea.  I’m thinking about making a few small tables like this for our patio.  Our compost bin and some pictures frames in the house are already made from old palettes, so why not continue the trend? 

Book Planter

Old books and succulents seem to go perfect together.  Russell of Poke Acupuncture (awesome name!) came up with this idea, and was featured on Apartment Therapy. People are so gosh darn creative! 

This umbrella planter idea found at Jade Flower is simple and especially relevant in sunny Arizona.

Clever, clever!  Debra Prinzing used old shutters to make a vertical planter for this fresh patio. 

These cute Tea Cup planters from Eat Live Shop would make great gifts.  Simple and lovely! 

Here’s another delightfully easy idea from Eat Live Shop.

Happy DIY-ing.  Hope you are inspired!