I can’t deny it…this time of year makes me feel giddy inside. I still get a magical feeling inside when the weather starts to change and the holiday decorations go up.

Despite my lack of tolerance for cold, I love seeing the snow fall and thinking about how nice it would be to curl up beside a fireplace…if I had one. But I can’t complain, if I peek over the top of my computer, I see the most amazing view of the snow-capped Huachuca Mountains and I’m transported to a winter wonderland in my head.  I’ll admit, I sing “Baby It’s Cold Outside” in the shower and keep the Christmas songs playing on Pandora while I work.

Even with all of the bad things going on lately, there is still so much in the world to bring Joy this holiday season. Right now, I am choosing to focus on the joy because I believe that is what the world needs and because I am lucky enough to have a lot of joy surrounding me. I’ll spread the joy for those that can’t or don’t have enough and hopefully it will make even a teeny tiny difference.

I’ve always believed that this time of year is about family, friends, helping others, and spreading love. For me, family comes first. And while I don’t get entirely wrapped up in the materialistic aspect of the season, I do looove giving gifts, especially meaningful, handmade ones. Handmade by myself, or handmade for others – they are all fun! Yes, I like receiving them too. Particularly because it’s a nice feeling to allow someone else to have the joy of choosing something just for you and then sharing it. Who doesn’t like a nice gift? I like the practice of family coming together Christmas morning, without distractions, and just being together and giving to each other.  What are your favorite aspects of the holiday season?

All over the handmade world, a lot of heart is being put into creating gifts for the holiday season. I would have liked to start sharing some of my favorites with you a bit sooner, but tis’ life. And it’s not too late. So here are a few of my favorite things that make me oh so joyful!

Joyful Handmade Christmas Gifts

1. Reindeer Finger Puppet Mobile by Ayelet

2. Lasercut Birch Tree Decorations by Heather Moore

3. Upcycled Leg Warmers by Bliss Joy Bull

4. Forst Birch Trees Painting by Bee Giallo.

5. Red and Blue Stocking Card by Amy Blackwell

6. Blue and Teal Ceramic Mug by Blue Sky Pottery