One of the biggest reasons I created the big MINI Art Marathon for myself was so that I could experiment with techniques and ideas to better refine my own personal artistic style. I feel like I am all over the board, but much of that has to do with this exploratory stage that I’m in. I Love so many types of art! Ultimately, I want to have at least a semblance of a style so that I can create bodies of work that go together.  The mini art is a great way to have fun and learn more about how I like to paint.

Today I went in a completely different direction than my last couple of works, but somewhat back to the first few mini paintings I created before I started the marathon – my JOYling creatures. These little characters are sort of like totems – messengers of peace, joyfulness, and contentedness. Plus, they are cute! They’ve been inspired by animals like foxes, antelope, coyotes, etc, but with my own twist. 

I’m calling this cute little one, Duney (my 7-year old named her). Like foxes, she is a protector, a teacher of camouflage, and a seeker of new worlds. She just finished eating a whole slew of delicious red, ripe berries.

Teaches Camouflage, New worlds, Supernatural power, Fox is a Protector

Mini Canvas, Fox, Woodland Creature, Mustard Green Red, Animal Fairytale Painting - Original Mini Painting by Kimberly Kling