Have you heard about the Artful Business Conference yet? It looks like it’s going to be saturated with all sorts of creative business goodness that’s hard to pass up. Today at Joyful Roots, Elle Roberts of Studio Exsto and co-creator of the conference is here to tell us a little more about why it was started and all the wonderful things we can expect to learn there.


I am a people person. I love meeting new people and finding out their story. When I first started in the world of online business I felt so isolated and alone.

Then I found out that there were so many creatives, like me, also making a living doing what they love and building a life to fit.

Working for yourself can be wonderfully rewarding, but it can become, if you let it, the most stressful and isolating experience.

We need to find other woman in business whose values and beliefs are inline with ours and who we can share the excitement and the hardships of being in business. We all need to find a tribe of supporters.

It is important through finding the right networks, to seek out advice that fits your business and your attitudes.

Creative businesses need creative business solutions.

One of the places you will find education and a community of support is the Artful Business Conference. Designed to provide you with education relative to micro-business, creative types and passion driven entrepreneurs – this event is not your typical business conference.

With a private Facebook group to allow attendees to chat, share and support one another, the element of community is just as valuable as the education itself.

This is a two-day virtual business conference designed to educate and inspire you, giving you the tools to take your business to the next level.

Robyn and Elle host the Artful Business Conference so creatives in business can not only get the answers they need to build their business, but do it within a network of supportive entrepreneurs who can share the journey with us.

Over the two days the event will host 8 incredible speakers from across Australia and around the world, all there to help you grow your business.

Jessika Hepburn from Oh My! Handmade Goodness is going to show attendees how to make and build online communities around your brand. She will start with why community is important, how to start your own and how to cultivate it. On day two we will all hang out twitter while Jessika shows us live how to run a twitter chat.

Karen Gunton runs build a little biz and works with women in business to help them be their true self and shine! She will talk to at the Artful Business Conference about being authentic, bringing your YOU to your business and then get into some practical tips to rock out some amazing DIY visual marketing of your own

Simon WalkerNicole Fende and Mark Silver all touch on various aspects around money in small business and how to overcome the emotional hurdles and mind-blocks that are often associated with money. From the very practical to the emotions behind it all these guys will get you thinking about cash in a different way.

Jacqui Pryor will be explaining how to protect all your creative and wonderful business ideas. She will talk trademarks and copyright in a way that is easy to understand.

And, Shayne Tilley and Monica McCarthy get into the nitty gritty of how to sell yourself authentically online from video, interviews, email marketing and just online marketing in general.

This event is going to be an amazing source of information and inspiration for you if you are running, or just thinking about, a creative business of your own.

Tickets start at just $99

The event is streamed live online September 3rd and 4th (AEST) and participants can join in from anywhere in the world.

If you grab a Gold or Premium Pass you also get 6 months access to all the sessions so you can come back and watch them in your own time.


Download the full program HERE.

Website – http://www.artfulbusinessconference.com/

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/TheArtfulBusinessConference

Twitter – https://twitter.com/artfulbizcon


Thanks Elle!

Get your tickets and start making connections with other attendees today. If you’d like to buy your tickets through my affiliate link you can do that here. I’m hoping to make it to the conference!