Summer Afternoon Summer Afternoon Quote

I’m in Michigan visiting my dad right now. It might be the last chance I get to hang, just me and him, by the lake before the baby is born. We are soaking up the sun and went sailing today for a good long while. It’s been entirely¬†rejuvenating and a nice change of pace from the Arizona heat. It’s amazing what a break from the usual surroundings can do for the mind and body, especially when there is no agenda, and no rush. I was sitting on the dock earlier and realized that I have spent at least a week or more every summer of my life by a large body of water…either Lake Michigan (where my grandparents lived) or Devil’s Lake (where my dad lives now). I think this tradition is needed each year to make me feel whole. It’s a part of me and I feel so lucky!

The picture above was taken the other day at his friend’s house, who is a florist, among other things. She has the most beautiful setting, full of wildflower gardens, chickens, and a quaint pond. I love going there to take pictures.

Happy Friday!