Summer Plant Magic Wellness Box


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Plant Magic is our version of an Herbal CSA – Community Supported Agriculture. When you invest in Plant Magic, you are also investing in your own experience and education, the continuation of herbal wisdom, organic and regenerative gardening practices, wildlife and pollinators, and broad-spectrum wellness.

My passion is to help you cultivate more of the inner joy which grows from connection to the natural world and a deep honoring of your own worthiness for self-care. Plant Magic is here to offer you tools, both physical and informational, to bring yourself into greater alignment with your joy and support you on your wellness journey.

This listing is for the Summer Plant Magic Box which will be delivered before the summer solstice around the beginning of June. This seasonal package will contain handmade herbal products organically grown and/or crafted by Joyful Roots, made in Hereford, Arizona. The box will include a variety of 4 herbal creations that are seasonally appropriate and a beautiful mini-magazine loaded with valuable information that will amplify your herbal knowledge, wellness know-how, and seasonal living. This gives you the opportunity to stock up on your herbal medicine cabinet and enhance your own herbal wisdom!

The featured plant for the summer month has now been announced! Yarrow will be our herbal ally as we head into summer and guide us along the journey of enhanced wellness through the hot seasons! Your package will include a beautiful Rose and Yarrow Face Mist, a Yoni Steam Blend, A Wound Care Powder, and a Flower Essence Bland. We will also be discussing the topics of boundaries, skincare, sun safety and harmonization, and more!

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Note: At this time, we can only offer this to mailing addresses within the United States.