You’re a passion-driven entrepreneur. Think about all the things you’re supposed to be doing…blogging, tweeting, Facebooking, guest posting, SEO, and oh, doing the billable stuff like working with clients or fulfilling orders and creating products.  It can be overwhelming. Can zap some of the p-p-pleasure from your p-p-passionate business.

Here the problem: things that can help generate income can also become distractions (ahem, social media), and figuring out what’s a priority in your business can be confusing.

And there’s no shortage of opinionated voices telling you what you need to do! Right now! Or *insert painful consequence!*

I spent some time in the run-around zone in my own business. Some new task or strategy would pop up on my radar, and I would spend the rest of the day/week/month (ouch) working to fix this problem I didn’t know I had the day before.

New information is great. It’s how we grow. But I was running my biz in a highly reactionary way. Who’s steering the ship? Why, whoever has the catchiest blog post today, of course.

Not a good plan.

So I started experimenting on my own business. And in working with clients. You know what I found? You can save yourself a lot of grief by:
1. making a you-shaped plan
2. sticking to it

It’s so simple. It’s so obvious. But it can be so difficult to actually implement. I mean, planning is snoozeville, right? You’re an artist; you want to be spontaneous and not feel restricted. You’re work is more than about moving through a to-do list, after all.

But hear me out on my definition of planning: planning is setting goals based on your values & consciously creating the optimal conditions to achieve them.

I believe that is a beautiful thing. And so I created an e-guide to help other creative entrepreneurs bring that beauty and focus to their business.

Roadmap to Action {affiliate link} contains 62 action-packed pages, all tried and true stuff that I use in my own business or share with clients. The structure is there–you just have to put yourself into it. Because you know what else I learned? There is no one perfect system for everyone. You have to find what works for you.

And because I don’t like looking at janky ole planning stuff (I don’t think you do either), I made it pretty. And included 13 beautiful and right-brain friendly planners. Because planning should be pretty.

The invitation is open: learn more about Roadmap to Action {affiliate link} and chart your course.

Roadmap To Action, Planning for your creative business