There is so much juicy content on the web and this morning I am feeling particularly inspired by it. I’m not feeling very verbose today, so why not send some good links your way instead? Here are a few of my recent favorite articles and inspirations:

The Balance – Don’t Be a Nice Girl (Scoutie Girl}:

Tight Rope Walker by Courtney Oquist

Tight Rope Walker by Courtney Oquist, Click For More of Her Work!

Ah, this is a hard one! I’ll admit, I do fall into this trap and I suspect that I’m not the only one. Being nice is important in business, but do you take it too far?


The sheer number of business resources available on the web can be so overwhelming, but here some of the best brains in the business have come together to offer sixteen jam-packed full-on resources! This is a doozy of a starter package is for anyone starting a business or wanting to improve on they already have. It’s really loaded, but it’s only available for the $100 (90% off) price for another 24 hours. Don’t miss it! I’m offering my affiliate link because I just bought the package and believe in the content, but if you would rather not use the affiliate link, just go to instead.

Tiny Wisdom: How We Are Valuable {Tiny Buddha}:

I’m in love with I really could spend forever there sifting through all the profoundness. This morning’s post is short and sweet, yet packed with wisdom. It’s not a matter of how valuable we are, but rather that we are all valuable.

Life Is Easy {Simply Living}:

How’s that for a paradigm shift? Still thinking it’s not? Check out Ariana Pritchett’s take on the matter.

Heart of Gold Rocket Ship Piñata:

I had to include this one because it is really just too much dang fun! For you hard-core DIYers out there.