Joyful Blogging Good For Business

Today I thought a change of pace was in order. For those of you who haven’t been following, I’m currently writing my way around the interwebs on my 21-day Blogging For Growth tour. Most of the posts to date have been around the technical and tactical aspects of blogging. The focus of this post will be creating joy with your blog, and how appropriate to be hosted by the aptly named Joyful Roots.

Joy In Creativity

Blogging gives you, the writer, the opportunity to express your opinions, values, passions and talents. It allows you to create whatever you are driven to share.

Or as Rachael Griffin of Fit Fab Forty says:

‘Blogging makes me joyful because I can blurt out my feelings, my obviously funny side and I don’t know who is reading it and who I may inspire along the way.’

Natalie Birt of Mummy Smiles says:

‘Blogging makes me joyful because it gives me someone to talk to, someone to share the highs and lows with – even if I was the only one who ever read it, it would still make me joyful.’

Blogging doesn’t enforce the formality and ‘stiffness’ of other communication types. You can use slang, emphasize as you wish and allow your natural tone of voice to shine through. Combined with images and/or video, you can create something wonderfully unique and what isn’t joyful about that?

Joy In Relationships

Blogging creates crazy amounts of joy by connecting people who would otherwise never have met.

For example I met our lovely host Kim through blogging. I can’t actually remember how we came across each other’s blogs (Kim may be able to refresh my memory). We were commenting back and forth when I asked Kim if she could redesign my website for a more mature look. From there it blossomed into designing an ebook I co-wrote and three opt-in incentives. All of this despite living on opposite sides of the world.

I met my gorgeous friend and co-author Marissa Roberts from Beautifully Organised via blogging. Both of us had bought tickets to the Digital Parents Conference 2012. Prior to the conference I reached out to fellow attendees via the twitter hashtag so newbies like I would know someone when we got there. Marissa and I got along like a house on fire and ended up writing How To Host A Swingin’ Blog Challenge together.

Just think how many of your friendships wouldn’t have been born if not for the joy of blogging!

Joy In New Opportunities

Don’t ever limit your belief as to the new doors blogging may open for you. People who criticize the joyful opportunities presented by blogging are generally not bloggers themselves. Look to those already experiencing the rewards.

Take the example of Kylie Ofiu. Kylie had been blogging about her intention to be a millionaire by 30 and 1001 ways to make money, when a publisher approached her about writing a book, 365 Ways To Make Money. The draft was completed just six weeks later.

Pat Flynn from Smart Passive Income has enjoyed many an opportunity as a result of his blogging. His first blog about the LEED (architecture) exam was to help him study. He eventually created an ebook from the content enabling him to support his family after being made redundant. Since then he has grown Smart Passive Income to a monthly income of $50,000+, spoken at major conferences around the world and been contracted to design and implement the digital promotion strategy for a movie. Not too shabby.

Consider Emma and Elsie from A Beautiful Mess. Both blog full time for A Beautiful Mess, they employ a small team, have published a book and are writing their second book currently. Sponsorships from numerous major retailers and an app later the sisters are celebrating six years of blogging as a business.

The Common Link

What do you notice in the examples above? What is the common link or element?

How about in each example the blogger is coming from a heartfelt, joyful and authentic place? Also, notice how the primary focus wasn’t business or making money but each joyful approach resulted in business income, growth or collaborations.

So a challenge for you! How can you make your blogging experience more joyful? Tell me in the comments then share the joy of this post with your friends!


P.S. A very special thanks to Kimberly for creating the gorgeous tour image. This beautiful woman is my go-to-gal when I need anything amazing design related. Yes, working with Kim brings me a bucket load of joy!

Caylie Price, owner of Better Business Better Life , is currently working her way around the interwebs with her 21 day Blogging For Growth tour. She is also co-author of How To Host A Swingin’ Blog Challenge. Download the first chapter FREE to learn more.