Have you ever met someone who just radiates good and positive energy and you immediately know you want to be friends with them? That’s exactly what happened when I met Julia a few years back. She was such a sweetheart, she even sent me a beautiful piece of her artwork with my own tagline on it, Create Love Laugh. Julia is generous, joyful, and an amazing artist to boot! I’m so happy to be able to share her interview with you!

1. Please tell us a little about what you create.

I like to call it “mini masterpieces”. They are “past time” doodles that became art pieces by placing them on different platforms such as framed artwork, tiles, paintings, and even illustrations for books. In reality they are not that simple – some of the drawings can take days; it depends on the level of detail they posses. In addition, my sister and I have been working on writing and illustrating children’s book. This is a hobby that has turn into something we are excited to peruse.

Bouquet of Flowers by Poz-Art

Bouquet of Flowers by Poz-Art - Purchase at Society 6

2. Do you have a motto?

Follow Your Passion. I love Howard Thurman’s quote: “Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”

3. Can you tell us a little about your journey that led you to where you are and what you do?

Not an easy question to answer since it’s been more of a journey for me. I can say it started in college when I was still seeking direction when it came to choosing a career. Graphic design was an accidental choice to be honest. I literally ran into it. I remember feeling frustrated and the next thing I knew a flyer on a door caught my attention – it was the Graphic Design program. Eight years later, with my Graphic degree I decided to enter a competition regarding doodles. The rules were simple, the person who can produce 200 doodles in 2 months -wins. It was as if it was made for me.

Those who don’t know me, let me let you in on a secret – I doodle all the time; needless to say I reached the requirement. This competition opened a door for me – there were no prize of any kind other then bragging rights and for me it was more than that. It defined my artistic style; I followed my passion, started a blog, website, created children’s artwork, and participated in an art gallery in New York. A Logo I’ve created was featured in the Food Network Chanel (Cupcake Wars), I donate my work to a Non-profit organization called Possible Dreams International… and the list goes on. It seems surreal the things I’ve accomplished in the past years and all thanks to a flyer on a door…

Oh, by the way, I did win the competition. Had to brag about it 😉

Flower For You by Poz-Art

Flower For You by Poz-Art

4. What is your most favorite project or piece that you have ever created?

There are so many- it’s hard to pick one. If I have to mention one in particular I would have to say a Coffee table I won in a graphic competition. I submitted some doodle designs and people thankfully voted in my favor and I got it. It’s now sitting in my living room and it became a conversation piece.

5. Who are your role models or heroes?

Those who defy the odds and keeps going because they know they can do it. Those are my role models. Those are the people that inspire me to pursue my dream and reach my full potential.

6. What aspect of your work brings you the most joy?

The smile on people’s faces when they receive an art piece. They are not receiving an item from a big chain store but something that’s unique, original and made by hand.

Poz Art Wallpaper - Free Download at Poz-Art.com

Poz Art Wallpaper - Free Download at Poz-Art.com

7. Can you describe where your inspiration comes from?

It’s everywhere…Living in Florida, being surrounded by nature and having beautiful weather year round doesn’t hurt a bit. I love the outdoors, the natural organic flow of nature makes me want to capture it on a frame.

8. Can you offer one piece of advice to our readers who are interested in self-publishing? Would you recommend it?

Don’t give up. If you are going in the publishing world – try to get an agent. The majority of the publishers will not look at your manuscript/ book if you do not have an agent. If that’s not the route you want to pursue – then self publish to a company like Blurb (blurb.com). I used it for my first book “I love the world because” and love that you can set up your own shop. There are other book sites as well – just research all you can. Don’t worry if your book is not perfect. As Nike tagline would say – Just do it! Don’t look for the glory in things or the thought that you HAVE to make money but look for the passion that you put into your work. The feeling of accomplishment is priceless. Also don’t worry about naysayers. Just get it out and then tweak it as you go. Remember, there will always be a starting point.

9. What plans do you have for the future?

I can’t even begin to tell you what’s in the future for Poz-Art. It’s endless. My sister and I love creating new things. So – new books will come out shortly. Childrens’ artworks and More mini masterpieces… I hope to continue to grow more everyday and maybe inspire people to pursue their dreams.

Poz-Art Cool Wallpaper - Free Downloads

Poz-Art Cool Wallpaper - Free Downloads

10. What is the best resource (book, website, etc.) you can give to someone who wants to learn more about what you do?

You can visit my site: www.poz-art.com. You will find all type of information – and even Free goodies to download.