I’m loving the work of Valerie (Henderson) McKeehan. Her artwork is all hand-drawn on good old fashioned black chalkboards with white chalk, bringing to mind nostalgia of days gone by. Her hand lettering skills are amazing! Here is just one of the many beautiful pieces she carries in her Etsy shop, Lily and Val.

Where there is great love, there are always miracles chalkboard art

Chalkboard Love Quote by Valerie McKeehan – Click to Visit Her Shop

In her words:

I love working with chalk because it gives such character to the lettering and illustrations. The “dustiness” and texture makes the artwork feel so rustic yet chic at the same time. The fact that something so beautiful and expressive can come from something as mundane as a piece of chalk is exciting to me. Each piece of chalk art I create is truly unique and filled with its own special nuances.