A couple of years ago, my mom and I were sitting at a cafe in Berkley, California, when an interesting man on an even more interesting bike approached us. His name was Martin Krieg, and we learned that he had recently survived a traumatic brain injury, a coma, and a near-death experience. After telling his story of recovery and subsequent attempt at riding a high-wheel bicycle across the United States, Martin asked me about myself, including the most-loaded of all innocent questions: “What do you do?”

Oh how I wished I knew the answer to that one! I explained that I had just graduated with my masters in landscape architecture and wasn’t sure what path lay ahead of me. I knew I wanted to make a positive impact on the world but wasn’t sure exactly how to go about doing that. Then Martin said something that will stick with me the rest of my life: “You don’t need to do anything. Giving love to the world is purpose enough.”

“You don’t need to do anything. Giving love to the world is purpose enough.” – Martin Krieg


Martin Krieg, Photo by By Alison Chaiken


It took me a while (two years of the trial and error that is “life experience” to be exact), but I understand now exactly what he meant. My purpose in life is not to be something in particular–to give myself a label or allow the world to define me by my job.

My only purpose is to give love to the world by offering the world everything that I love!

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We are not here as these creatures that “do”; we are simply conduits for the energy that is love. And when we do or even think from a place of love or joy, the world reflects it right back to us.

And so, that has led me here, to create a place for those like us, who want nothing more than to offer our love to the world. The lyrics of Sara Bareilles sum it up best:

“Only thing I ever could need, only one good thing worth trying to be and it’s Love” – Sara Bareilles


Love that song!