In just a few days, I will be announcing my first 10xJOY creation to my newsletter subscribers, and then on the 28th everyone else will see what I’ve made for the month. It’s been a huge blast putting a bunch of love into these ten creations, along with styling the photos and writing my newsletter about them. You may have seen some sneak peeks on Instagram! Do you think you know what they are?

On Monday, I’m going to do a little photoshoot with a friend’s daughter because on launch day, the 28th, I’m going to have a giveaway on Instagram to kick-start the fun. She’s going to model my giveaway creation and she’s such a cutie. I’m looking forward to having fun with the photos!


I’ve got a favor to ask too. Will you help me spread the word about 10xJOY? I’ve made it easy for you to share by adding this button to the sidebar of your website. Just download the image or copy and paste this code and use it for a widget on your wordpress site.

<a href=””><img alt=”10xJOY” src=”” width=”250″ height=”250″ align=”aligncenter” /></a>

And here’s an easy tweetable:
Tweet: @JoyfulRoots is cultivating 10 times the joy with her new #10xJOY project! Find out more at

I’m still working on figuring out a charity, but I’ve got two really amazing candidates that I’m so excited about. I hope that this project will at least make a small difference in some lives. Thanks so much for all your support and for helping me get the word out!! If all goes well this year, I will do this again next year, and on a bit larger scale. xo