Papercaly Creature Figurines and Art Dolls by Kimberly Kling

Paperclay Figures In The Works

I’ve been fighting it for so long; not out of desire to, but because I felt like I was required to do more. I felt as though art wasn’t enough…that I had to make it into something, like graphic design, or web design, or even engineering school. I did those things, and did them well. But they left me with a void that wasn’t being filled.

If you read some of my posts about a month ago, I talked about how I want to go back to my roots even more and just produce art. The more than time goes on, the more I am seeing that some people, not everyone, have an innate drive to create, and that their life just doesn’t feel fulfilled unless they are creating. Sometimes I feel like there is a force inside me that just needs to be released. Like I must get it out into form through my hands and into something else…paper, clay, paints…Strange?

For me, a deeper fulfillment comes from creating for myself than for creating for others (with some exceptions). I tried creating for others, and while I’m happy with the results and have gotten very positive feedback, I still felt a slight agitation of creative build-up within me. I’ve struggled with this because I wonder, am I being selfish? Am I being self-entitled? Am I doing anything to help the world, help other people, help society? How is my art – which is often just quirky characters or experiments with color and texture – bringing value to the world?

Best I can figure, here’s my answer. It brings value to the world for two main reasons.

First, if someone finds joy in looking at or experiencing my art, and even if that one person is more joyful for a few minutes of his/her life, it has done good in the world.

Second, by expressing my creative desires through what I love, I am bringing more loving energy to the world.

What are your thoughts on the matter? Do any of you feel the same way, or am I off in Kimsville?

That being said, I’ve been in a major creative flow lately. Once I let a little out, the rush keeps coming. It’s fun. I’m enjoying it. I’m feeling like this is what I am meant to be doing. Here are are few pictures of what I have been up to lately.

Kimberly Kling Woodland Grassland Nature Creature Paintings

Little Nature Creatures – Mini Canvases

Mini Canvas Creature Paintings, Green, Gold, Purple, Woodland, Grassland, Fox

Mini Canvas Triptych – Little Creatures

Papercaly Creature Figurines and Art Dolls by Kimberly Kling

A Few Finished Paperclay Creatures

Papercaly Creature Figurines and Art Dolls by Kimberly Kling

Jessibell of the Moss

I’ve been slowly adding these new works to my shop. I’m working towards having a Grand Re-Opening soon. I just need to get a few more items in there first.