I am my own healer. I have a radiant voice within that guides me. I can make decisions for myself. I can rely on others as needed, but at my discretion. It is my body, my health, my balance, and my responsibility to make right choices for myself. Right choices include working with competent health-care professionals when necessary, allowing friends and family to help as needed, and, above all, being true to my beliefs, with the wisdom and willingness to change as part of the path of healing.” ~Rosemary Gladstar

Are you ready to amplify your skills as a home healer and enhance your health by aligning to herbal allies and seasonal rhythms? I know so many people are wanting more empowerment over their health and feeling the urge to tune in closer to the plant world and seasonal living. This is exactly why I created my seasonal self-care and wellness empowerment subscription – Plant Magic! Each season (4 times per year) you receive herbal products that I create in large part from the Joyful Roots Ranch herb garden straight to your mailbox. You also receive a beautifully curated mini magazine which includes a depth of information all about the featured herb, seasonal living tips, ritual ideas, recipes, myth and lore, and other magical content (Download an example below). What’s more, you get to be a part of our private Facebook community, which is a huge value in and of itself.

As a peek into the world of Plant Magic, I’d like to offer you a free sample of one of our past Zines which highlighted a beautiful herbal ally, Elecampane. Elecampane is such an amazing, aromatic herb that is mainly used as a warming and strengthening herb for the lungs and digestive system. This Zine contains a plethora of information, but keep in mind that the upcoming Plant Magic zines will include slightly more content and breadth because they will be released once a season instead of every month. You will also receive full value (most likely exceeding the value) in products for each seasonal share. Elecampane is the perfect herb to be sharing right now, as we approach spring and Imbolc, which I also discuss in this zine! Enjoy!

Click the image to download the zine

Plants are so much more than a pretty thing to look at, although they do make our world so much more beautiful! Since humans have been around, we have evolved with plants. Our bodily chemistry was literally made to harmonize with the plant world around us. Because of our deep-seeded (like that pun?) connection with them, plants are powerful allies in our quest to maintain and amplify our health and wellness. Are you looking forward to learning more about the plants which grow around us and we can tend to ourselves? Then I hope to have you join me in making some Plant Magic.

Elecampane Plant Magic
Elecampane Plant Magic Box From The Past