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Everything You Can Imagine Is Real

I am so incredibly excited about this collaboration with Tif Smith of Stubborn Press that I’ve been about to burst at the seams while waiting to share this with you! Tif is such a talented designer and printer, so I was thrilled when she said she would print my “Everything You Can Imagine Is Real” illustration for me and of course, for you!

What is your imagination dreaming up these days? Pablo Picasso’s quote really strikes a chord with me, because I believe we can create the reality we want through our mindset and actions. It’s like a concise reminder of the Law Of Attraction principle. If you want to be reminded in a beautiful way, that every day you have the opportunity to create your own reality, then this would be the perfect print for your studio or home.

Everything You Can Imagine Is Real Letterpress Print

What’s even more awesome is this print is full of tactile texture and uniqueness that is characteristic of letterpress printing, and we chose a rich black ink and gorgeous paper to really make the design pop. The prints will be signed and numbered by me in pencil.

As of right now there are only seven prints left, so if you want one for yourself or a gift, head on over to my Etsy shop to snag it!