The Declaration of You

I have to admit, since receiving Jessica and Michelle’s e-mail about celebration, I’ve had that song stuck in my head. And I’m not a particularly big fan of that song (sorry Kool & The Gang). But although the song doesn’t particularly jive with my musical taste, the message does. You see, “there’s a party going on right here – a celebration, to last throughout the years.” The message I take away from that is: celebration isn’t just for special occasions; there are moments everyday and all year long that deserve celebration.

Blogger & life coach, Tom Volkar, explains that there are at least five good reasons we should celebrate more often. Indigenous cultures celebrate all the time with gatherings and rituals. They even celebrate every day occurrences like the rising and setting of the sun, yet it seems that our modern society has forgotten such a valuable tool for additional joy. Somehow, it almost seems like we’ve been trained that celebration is for the selfish and lazy – that it isn’t prudent or humble to celebrate our individual wins. That’s really a drag, you know?

But back to Tom’s article. In particular, I liked his fourth reason to party on: Celebration is positive magnification. What we focus on expands.

Yes, I believe in Law of Attraction and I think that focusing more on the celebratory aspects of the day to day – the small wins – will likely bring more and more positive results. I need to remember not to downplay and slough off the small, positive things that happen each day because they are an important stepping stone toward bigger reasons to celebrate.

Celebrate Your Victories by Dewi Marie

Celebrate Your Victories by Dewi Marie

That got me thinking about the things that I could celebrate that I may not have been putting enough of a positive emphasis on and I came up with a list. I’m hoping it will remind me to take a break and count my blessings more often.

Some good reasons to celebrate are:

  • Waking up each morning healthy and alive.
  • Having a close family and one that is loving and supportive.
  • Having a loving and amazing husband.
  • The baby growing healthy and strong in my belly.
  • Making new connections on and offline.
  • Coming up with a new idea.
  • Finishing up a project.
  • Getting paid.
  • Cloudy days with good rain showers (it’s Arizona).
  • New art supplies.
  • A new journal.
  • New books (like The Declaration of You)!
  • Amazingly good decaf coffee roasted by my husband.
  • Being afforded the ability to pursue my dreams.
  • Fresh veggies & fruit from the farmer’s market.
  • Being able to have as many freedoms as I have living in the U.S.
  • Having a car that runs well and has A/C.
  • Having internet access.
  • Being able to access so much incredible information whenever I need/want to.
  • A great birth center in Tucson with midwives that are in tune with my birth plan.
  • Collaborating on projects and fun events.
  • Zucchinis growing in my garden.

Do you have your own list of reasons to celebrate? I’d love to hear what they are! Are you good at taking the time to give them the hoopla they deserve?

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