What are your plans for Black Friday? I thought about doing a sale at my shop, but I’ve been so busy with other things, including the Giveaway, that I haven’t had time to make it worthwhile. And, I got to thinking, even though I have a shop, I’m not sure I want to buy into the message of consumerism for this holiday. I definitely don’t plan to go out and brave the crowds at the big box stores…that sounds scary to me and like a bad nightmare.  I’ve never been real keen on that kind of shopping.

For me, Thanksgiving is about family and being grateful for all that I already have. I feel so thankful that I can spend time this long weekend with my mother, my husband, my step-daughter, my inlaws, my pooch, and the four soldiers we adopted for our Thanksgiving meal. I’ve been granted with so much in my life and am extremely fortunate to be able to chase after my dreams, make art, have good people to love.

So today, I suppose I’m taking this message of BLOCK FRIDAY to heart. I’m choosing to indulge in the people around me and of course some good food too.

What are your plans for today and this weekend? Whatever they are, I hope you have a great Thanksgiving and many lovely people to share it with.