Lavender Woman Vintage Illustration

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Lavender Essential Oil (Lavandula angustifolia) is one of my most favorite oils because it has so many uses and is so gentle.

Besides simply smelling good, lavender actually has some amazing qualities which make it great for soothing sore muscles, aiding the healing of bruises and sprains, helping to relax and calm nerves and so much more. I’ve compiled some of my favorites ideas for using lavender essential oils in this post. Keep in mind, not every brand of lavender essential oil should be ingested.  I know DoTERRA’s brand is considered safe to take internally, but make sure to do your homework first if you are using other brands. Some will say directly on the bottle that they are not intended for internal use. 

This is one I carry with me everywhere I go. Just look at the following uses:

  1. Combat Allergies: Lavender has natural anti-histamines that can provide allergy relief. You can take it internally via capsules, in a teaspoon of honey by mouth, diffuse it in the air, or soak with it in a bath.
  2. Revive Sore Muscles: Nothing beats a warm bath with a few drops of lavender essential oil when you are needing to relax and sooth sore muscles.
  3. Relieve Anxiety: Diffuse it in the air or rub some on your temples to help ease stress.
  4. Repel Insects: Run sub on your skin to keep those pesky creatures away.
  5. Stop The Itch: Lavender E.O. is great for soothing bug bites. Just rub a little directly on the bite.
  6. Stop The Itch Again: Itchy allergy eyes? Rub a little around your eyes (don’t get too close, it will sting if it gets in your eyes). It helps to stop the itching almost immediately.
  7. Healing Burns: rub a few drops directly on the affected area. It will help to heal and sooth the burn very fast.
  8. Soothe A Sunburn: Dilute several drops of lavender oil in a spray bottle with water and mist on your burn. It feels so good!  It also works great for sunburned lips when you rub it directly on them!
  9. Combating Coughs: Put a couple drops under your tongue and chase with water, or diffuse into the air and breathe it in….ahhhh.
  10. Mental Clarity: Diffuse in the air, or put some on your temples and enjoy a clearer, more calm mind.
  11. Focus: Along with mental clarity, lavender E.O. has a focusing effect on the mind.
  12. Nurturing Creativity: The delightful smell has been said to open the mind and make one more creative.
  13. Healing Mouth Sores: Rub a drop of the oil directly on the sore to help it heal.
  14. Ridding Rashes: Rub the oil neat (undiluted) or diluted in a carrier oil directly on the affected area.
  15. Sleep: Clinical studies have shown that the smell of lavender helps with preventing insomnia.
  16. Doing Away With Diaper Rash: Dilute in a carrier oil (fractioned coconut oil works well) and apply to the affected area for instant soothing and prevention.
  17. Balancing Your Emotions: Diffuse in the air or rub on your temples to ground yourself.
  18. Reducing Menstrual Pain: Rub a few drops on your abdomen to help relieve cramping.
  19. Minimize Scars: Rub a drop of lavender oil directly on to scars consistently to help fade them.
  20. Do Away With Dandruff: Rub a few drops into your scalp to get rid of the flakes.
  21. Freshen Clothes: Add a couple of drops to a dryer sheet or cotton ball and use in the dryer.
  22. Beat Bacteria: Clinical studies have shown that lavender has a detrimental effect on bacteria.
***Please make sure you are using a high quality oil classified as GRAS (Generally Regarded As Safe for human consumption by the FDA) that can be ingested, such as DoTERRA’s lavender oil. Many oils sold on the market are not pure and often the bottle will say not for internal use or do not ingest.***

Note: Sharing experiences with essential oils is a wonderful way to learn more about these amazing natural gifts and take control of our own health and wellbeing.  However, we are required by law in the USA to state, “These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. Products and techniques mentioned are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.” The information included on this site is for educational purposes only. It is not intended nor implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice.

DoTERRA Lavender Essential OilIf you would like to purchase essential oils directly from me, here is a link to my essential oil shop. You can also contact me directly on the contact page. Thanks and stay Joyful!