I’m so excited to share the conversation I had with my friend Theresa on her new podcast, The Good With Theresa G!

Theresa’s goal with her podcast is to focus on the good in the world by inspiring, rewiring and educating. She wants to explore the opportunities that the current global, societal, economic, planetary and health challenges have created by interviewing changemakers who are creating ripple effects in their work. By doing this, I believe, she herself is creating many, many ripples. I love it!!

The Good With Theresa G - Joyful Roots Interview

I’m also so incredibly honored to have the privilege of being one of her first guests, alongside a great teacher of mine, Antony Brown of the Ecosa Institue, and a very courageous woman who is crushing cancer, Ruth Phillips! The podcast went live a couple of days ago, so go subscribe and download over at iTunes or visit her website to listen to some goodness for your soul! 

In our conversation, we talk about my emotional and spiritual journey of leaving my job as a Structural Engineer to pursue my passions.  We talk about homesteading in the desert, creativity during motherhood, and the importance of community and Earthly connection. I’d love for you to listen!