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Reaching deep into the emotional body, the Rose travels into those thorny places within the memories of the heart where wounds and scars formed from the traumas of the past. This brings healing, forgiveness, resolution and an opening to the heart, giving life to the new bud of hope growing within.

~School of Evolutionary Medicine

The roses are going wild with the recent monsoon rains and I’m a happy girl! Rose is one of my absolute favorite plants. The beauty of the rose is beyond measure and the fragrance nearly transports you to another dimension! Roses are good medicine, both physically and emotionally. Roses are cooling and tonifying, which makes them wonderful summer allies. They are amazing in cosmetics too. But aside from those two things, I love to add rose petals to all manner of foods. They are packed with nutrients, like Vitamin C, Flavonoids, B Vitamins, and many more vitamins and minerals.

One of my favorite ways to enjoy roses in food is to add them to my smoothies. Recently, I made a smoothie that was so delish I thought I would share it with you here. You can also pour the blended smoothie into popsicle molds, freeze, and enjoy them as a cool summer treat that way. Enjoy!

Summer Rose Sesame Cooler

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