Dog and Pumpkin Photography

That’s my pup. I just wanted to add a little fall flair to the post.

If you’ve been reading around Joyful Roots, you know I love fall. The weather is changing and it’s beautiful, but that change usually means more colds and bugs going around. One of the things that I have been using whenever I feel like I might be coming down with something is an essential oil blend called On Guard ®. It is made by DoTERRA, my favorite essential oil brand, and contains some powerful botanicals that fight off infection: clove, wild orange, cinnamon, Eucalyptus radiata and rosemary.

What’s even more great is that this oil smells amazing. It’s like brewing mulling spices in your kitchen, the perfect fall scent!

A clinical study documented on PubMed showed that the On Guard blend was 90% effective against the influenza virus when used in a strong enough dilution. To help ward off a cold, you can apply On Guard ® to the soles of your feet or you can take it internally. I prefer the later because I feel like it has a stronger effect on me. I put a couple of drops under my tongue and then follow with some sort of beverage, usually water. I’ve applied this oil neat (undiluted) to canker sores in my mouth and they were literally gone the next day (that surpassed my expectations by far). If you don’t like the taste or it is too strong for you, you can put a few drops in an empty gelatin capsule and swallow.

Another great way to use this blend is to diffuse it in the room. Not only will it help to eliminate air-born pathogens, it will make your space smell wonderful.

On Guard Essential Oil Blend from DoTERRA ***Please make sure you are using a high quality oil classified as GRAS (Generally Regarded As Safe for human consumption by the FDA) that can be ingested. Many oils sold on the market are not pure and often the bottle will say not for internal use or do not ingest.***

Note: Sharing experiences with essential oils is a wonderful way to learn more about these amazing natural gifts and take control of our own health and wellbeing. However, we are required by law in the USA to state, “These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. Products and techniques mentioned are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.” The information included on this site is for educational purposes only. It is not intended nor implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice.

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Thanks and stay Joyful!