Hello Joyful People! I’m Kimberly and I am an artist, illustrator, designer, photographer, curator, social media lover, and joy cultivator.

Meet Kimberly Kling

I believe we’ve all got beauty and joy deep at your roots. I created joyful Roots as a place to share what makes me joyful, with the hope that it will bring joy to you as well.

My specialties are in illustration and mixed-media art. I love helping creative folks like you enhance their business, their idea, or their life with my illustrations, art, and creative juices. If you are following your dream like me and would like to team up on an awesome project, let’s get in contact!

Things that ignite my soul:

  • Illustration (especially children’s, folk, and whimsical)
  • Art (painting, sculpture, photography, you name it)
  • Nature (plants and animals, serenity, gardening, landscape design, exploring, essential oils)
  • Joy (meaningful living, zen, cultivating happiness, small heart-based businesses, loving life)

Legal Stuff:

Unless otherwise noted, all the content and images on this site were created by Kimberly Kling or Joyful Roots.

I do my best to link back to images and content from other sources with both click-throughs and written credit. Sharing is good, but please credit the source! I’m happy to have you use my images as long as appropriate credit is given and you link back. If you are linking an image that is not mine, please try to credit and link the original source.

Joyful Roots is part of several affiliate programs. That means, if you make a purchase through certain links on the site, I may make a small commission and this helps me to continue to make art I love. Know that I only recommend products I love and my opinions are my own and never bought.